The Fun of the Commons

Closing the first day of the international seminar of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) last 12 september at UCL Theatre Carbonique has performed an improshow « sur mesure » bridging the practice of improvisation with the theories about Commons in front of over 50 participants coming from all parts of the world.
Both parties (comedians and the audience of scientists) seemed to agree on some items such as :
– A good improvisation is the one that is able to deal with complexity of « many » and that integrates diversity of its participants
– Collective action : When improvisation is based on the audience inputs, it creates a tremendous feeling of participation from the people of the audience. As a consequence, participants respect, enjoy and celebrate the « improvised story » in a much stronger way than classic theatre play. It’s become « theirs »
– Improvisation fully relies on the active participation of its players with a common state of mind of « sharing » the ideas to build up a « common » construction. Egotic and selfish monologues or actor « showing off » often serves individual interest on the short term then can lead to a collective story crash.
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